Fire Apparatus & Ambulance Routine Maintenance, and Master Truck & Automobile Technicians

Certified Experience

The experience staff at Twin Lights Milford Body Shop can perform routine maintenance services on all of your emergency vehicles and equipment, including: fire trucks, ambulances, pumps and accessories, aerial devices and the complete chassis. Call Twin Lights to help solve all your Emergency Vehicle repair needs today, 203-878-8534.

Limited On-site Repair and Maintenance Services

Twin Lights’ certified staff can come on-site to perform specific service needs. Twin Lights’ EVR On-site Response Truck is fully stocked with air compressor, torches, jacks, hand tools and diagnostic equipment. Ask about on-site service when you call, 203-878-8534.

Let Twin Lights pick it up!

Twin Lights’ licensed and insured staff can come to your location to pickup your vehicle for servicing. When the work is done, Twin Lights will deliver your vehicle back to your door. Ask about Door-to-Door Pick-up and Delivery Service when you call, 203-878-8534.

Expect more at delivery!

When your Emergency Vehicle is delivered, you can expect:

  • A detailed inspection of your new acquisition before you accept delivery

  • A top-to-bottom review of your vehicle’s specifications to ensure you get everything you ordered

  • A complete, multi-point performance and workmanship quality test


Learn more about the "Twin Lights" difference when you call, 203-878-8534.

Master Certified Fire Apparatus Technicians

  • Fire Apparatus Routine & Preventative Maintenance

  • Fire Truck Design & Performance

  • Fire  Pump & Accessories

  • Fire Apparatus Electrical

  • Aerial Fire Apparatus

Master Certified Ambulance Technicians

  • Ambulance Routine & Preventative Maintenance

  • Ambulance Design & Performance

  • Ambulance Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Systems

  • Ambulance Body & Chassis

ASE Certifications

  • Master Truck Technicians

  • Master Automobile Technicians

Medium / Heavy Truck Specialty Areas

  • Gasoline & Diesel Engines

  • Brakes

  • Electrical Systems

  • Steering & Suspension

  • Drive Train

  • Air Conditioning & Heating

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